Dethrone The Deceiver

by Dethrone The Deceiver

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released November 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Dethrone The Deceiver Monroe, Michigan

6 piece deathcore act hailing from Monroe Michigan members include
Isaac Bilbrey (vocals)
Ryan Navarre (guitar)
Michael Dattner(guitar)
John Webb (Bass guitar)
Ben Sparks
Brandon Webb (Drums)
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Track Name: In The Midst Of The Horde
Let it be known on this day
That We slew a god
That we cast him from his throne on high
That the father of lies lay defeated
That the snake devoured the lamb
That we threw the corpse at the feet of the father
That world dethroned the lying king

Rising in the night
Who can stand against our might
With him beside me
Who can hope to stand against us
This world is ours
I am One with horde
Every word he speaks through me
Marching with the beast In his war

I fell from the sky
Into the arms of my brothers
I fell from grace
Into the arms of the night

These are the death throes of Gaia
As war and strife ravages her body
These are the last gasps of man
As we strangle ourselves to death
This is mankind pulling the trigger
This is our legacy
our eulogy
Not with a bang
Nor a scream
only silence
This is the way the world ends

Let it be known that we slew a god
We conquered Olympus
We leveled Jerusalem
We burned Mecca to the ground
Let it be known that we slew a god
And We spat upon the cross
The tomb remained shut
The beast has risen from the pit
Track Name: Iscariot
Crucify him
Crucify him
Hes traitor im blasphimer
Crucify him
Crucify him
Hes a liar and Im a murderer

Pray to Yahweh but it wont save us tonight
addiction leads you by the hand into the cold night
disease rots us inside out
you let the rot flow into your veins
Into your heart
The guilt and regret wraps around your neck as the pain and hunger devour your mind, there was nothing to left us all behind friends and family scream your name nothing was the same cries, and panicked screams from behind the locked door
As you watch the world melt on laying on the bathroom floor
addiction taking hold
Your body grows cold
All that will remain will be the hole left in their hearts

Repent ,repent
The devil knows your dead
Repent repent
Repent Judas your souls been sold (2x)

Another flower wilts away, Another patent's,child's grave.
Another friend taken too soon by the disease of addiction
Another sister buried, and another brother's euology
Another father grieving and another mother weeping
One more vigil, one more memorial
One more dirge, one more funeral
One more prayer the god who took their child away from them
Another son lays dying in his mother's arms as she cries his name
Another father mourns a daughter he couldn't save

Cries and panicked screams are hears behind the locked door
as you watch the world melt lying on the bathroom floor
Addiction taking hold,your body grows cold all that will remain will be the hole left in their hearts

Judas the devil knows you're dead

I have failed you

The devil knows you're dead
Your soul has been sold
You left us all behind

I have failed you
The devil knows you're fucking dead
Track Name: Symphony of Horror ft. Tre Turner
His withered hand slides in between her legs
His shriveled lips press Against her
Brutalized, sodomized , vandalized before my eyes she lay battered and broken

Her broken body lay before me
Defiled by hia lust
She wont say a word,she won't utter his name in fear
Every time she sleeps she feels his touch
She was too young to know any better
He was old enough to know what hes done
He licks his lips , she pushes him away
As He pins her to the pew, she screams for help, his depravity fills her soul

They tell me its gods will, they tell me he has his hand in this
Why would he allow a child to suffer like that?
Where was he when she called his name?
Where was he when the monster got away
Where the fuck the Shepard when his lamb is defiled?

He revels in her pain, basking before the holy symbols, she cries sanctuary, he gasps in ecstasy as she begs and pleads
All that remains of her was a hollow shell
The all knowing and all loving father remains silent as his child screams his name

She will be haunted for the rest of her life
Nothing will ever be the same,
Every night she sees his faces, no matter how far she goes she will always be back in that place

She can never escape
No matter how far she goes
Our scars will say her name
I can never escape
No matter far I go I will always be back in that place

The father did nothing as his daughter suffered
Yet demands her worship Yet She will carry this for as long as she lives
Track Name: The Liberator
Now take up serpents
And rise with me
Break the chains
Im free blasphemy
Rise with me
This our war
Annihilation of the children of Christ

I am free in blasphemy
My chains are cast off me
The serpent has enlightened me
For I ate, my eyes are open
The lies Jehovah exposed,a trio of deceit
Father son and holy ghost
Mankind's cancer
Was belief in a powerless god
Rise up and break the chains
Of blind faith

I am the adversary
the conqueror ,and liberator
I am the morning star
the nemsis and liberator

I am the mourning star
The liberator and the conqueror
This is our war

Death to the true deceiver
Death to the liar
The author of pain and loss
The man behind the curtain
Cowering in the dark
We will march into his city
And lay him low
They await his return
Yet their savior remains rotting in the dirt
Crucified,buried, and forgotten

Now i am free
In blasphemy
This is my war